At Back Bay Boxing we are dedicated to coaching correct boxing technique, improving your Boxing form and skills while increasing your fitness levels. Classes are run by #TeamBackBayBoxing and include USA Boxing Certified Coaches and Certified Personal Trainers. Our classes are accessible to new and experienced boxers, where we focus on mitts work with partners, mixed with hydrostrike heavy bag technique rounds and intense bootcamps HIIT workouts. Once we start, there is not stopping until the final bell!

Back Bay Boxing Gym was founded in 2014 by Irish Boxer and Fitness Coach John Murray. After working in numerous fitness facilities and boxing gyms in both Ireland and the USA, John felt that the boxing classes world had changed and boxing technique was no longer the main focus of most boxing gyms. It became his endeavor to bring boxing technique back to the fore and make it the foundation on which he builds all his classes.

'Too many boxing gyms have sold out and are content to run large 'boxercise' style classes with no focus on technique. People hit a heavy bag and think they're boxing. I see it all the time, people come to me from respected boxing gyms all over the city and Boston area, and when you ask them to put themselves into their boxing stance they look at you confused and square up to you like they are ready to hit a bag. Cardio boxing classes are killing the art of boxing and it's really the responsibility of the gyms to resolve the issue. 


At Back Bay Boxing technique and mitts work are the foundation of every class. You don't get to hit the heavy bags until you have got your mitts technique down, it has to be a progression. You can get away with poor technique for a while, but as time progresses, and you tire, which you will, poor technique becomes your enemy.

Growing up in Ireland I was heavily involved in sport. Boxing, Rugby, Soccer, Gaelic Football, Hurling, you name it, I did it! Sport was an all year round activity. Most of the time I'd play two games a day as well as some gym time. It was just what we did, it was normal! Since coming to Boston, fitness has remained at the forefront of my lifestyle. If I miss a day in the gym I feel I've missed out on the best part of my day. For me it's all about building good habits. Making fitness and being active the center of your lifestyle, well to me, that's a no brainer.'