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Back Bay Boxing Forms:

If you haven't already completed the waiver as a member or as someone who is/has booked a service(s) at Back Bay Boxing, please complete the waiver linked to here:



If you are the parent/guardian of a minor who is participating in class you MUST complete the Parental Consent Form below. We do not currently have classes for children under the age of 15.

Parental Consent Form



ACCOUNTS: As a member of Back Bay Boxing (BBBX) you will create a BBBX account using the BBBX APP on Fit By Wix. (Invite Code: HEDXXC) where you can book/cancel your classes. Please let us know if you have any issues with your account.



CLASSES: We ask all clients to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class start time.

ACCOUNTABILITY FEE POLICY: Reserving a spot in class, then canceling or not showing up is preventing the opportunity for another willing member to attend. To hold our members accountable, clients have 4 hours until class starts to cancel without the accountability fee. BBBX’s accountability fee is $15, or a loss of a class depending on your package, and $15 if you have exceeded your monthly classes.


FREEZE POLICY: BBBX’s monthly members have the option to freeze a membership for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 60 days. During this freeze period you will not be charged your full membership rate. While freezing a membership you will be charged a one-time freeze fee of $20. On the date you set to unfreeze your regular priced membership will reactivate with access to the gym’s classes. You will not be authorized to retroactively freeze your membership. In the event you must refreeze your membership to a further date one full membership payment must process before a secondary freeze is authorized. Limit 1 freeze per year.

ARRIVING LATE TO CLASS: Once class has begun and doors are locked there will be no late entries.


DRESS CODE + WHAT TO BRING TO CLASS: Sneakers, athletic wear, water and a towel.

30-DAY MEMBERSHIP CANCELATION POLICY: This policy is applicable to all membership downgrades or cancellations. All BBBX members must provide 30 days’ notice and a filled-out cancellation form in order to successfully process a cancellation. If a BBBX member chooses to downgrade their membership they must give 30 days’ notice to successfully process the change.

CHILDREN AND PETS: We do not permit children and pets in the gym at any time.


REFUND POLICY: All membership, classes and packages are non-refundable.

LIABILITY:  If recovering from injury/illness please notify BBBX staff prior to your class. Participant hereby acknowledge that you have voluntarily chosen to participate in an intense physical exercise program and agrees to and does release from liability BBBX, its owners, affiliates, operators, employees, agents, and officers from any and all liability for any and all loss, damage, injury, death, claim, and expense that Participant and his/her heirs, assigns, and representatives may suffer arising out of Participant’s participating in the class

MINORS: No one under 15 may participate. A minor aged 15-18 may participate with a parental consent form.

TERMINATION: A member may cancel his/her membership for any reason by providing a thirty (30) day written Notice of Cancellation to BBBX.

FEES: BBBX charges fees for its services and reserves the right to change its fees at its discretion. 

Thank You

Team BBBx

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