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Let the Games Commence - Member of the Month Challenge January 2022

Happy New Year Y'ALL!

It's time to announce the JAN 2022 - MOM CHALLENGE details!!!

Some goodies have been added to the Prize Pot this month also so get ready!

Week 1: (must be completed by Jan 10th)

EMOM (Every Minute On Minute):

Exercise Routine: 10 Pushups, 15 Squats, 20 Jumping Jacks - rest for the remainder of the minute, then repeat the routine at the top of every minute.

You're done when you can't complete the routine fully within 1 minute!

1 point is awarded for every fully completed routine.

And here's the love - NO TIME CAP :)

I need you to tell me how many fully completed routines you achieved :)

Best of luck to you now!

Week 2:

A simple one for everyone!

Exercise Routine: Lunge, Lunge Squat, Pushup - 10 Minute Challenge

10 minutes of 3 alternating lunges, 3 squat and 3 pushups

That's 3 lunges on each side, each time, 3 squats, and 3 pushups:

So in words: lunge, lunge, lunge, lunge, lunge, lunge, squat, squat, squat, pushup, pushup, pushup.

Once the clock hits 10 minutes, you're done :)

You must complete this one to still be in the running for Member of the Month!

Week 3:

5 Exercises, 20 Reps of each Exercise, 5 times!

Jack, Climbers, Crunches (with med ball), Squats, Pushups

Grab a medicine ball, something like a 9lbs will suffice :)

Week 4:

Complete any YouTube Workout from January 2020.

January Challenge Complete!


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