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Member of the Month Games - MOM Games


Week 1:

Best Time for 40, 30, 20, 10 - (Deadline Friday, 12th Nov) (Yes, giving you more time this week!)

Week 2:

High Plank Hold for Max Time - (Deadline Friday, 12th Nov)

Week 3:

Max Push-ups in 3min Challenge - (Deadline Friday, 19th Nov)

Week 4:

Squat Hold (arms above head) for Max Time - (Deadline Friday, 26h Nov)

Task: Make a quick video of yourself doing these challenges and send it to Coach Johnny will judge the weekly winner!

This is a leaderboard-style contest:

1st place each week gets 10pts, 2nd place gets 8pts, 3rd place gets 6pts, 4th place gets 4pts.

40, 30, 20, 10:

(40 Jumping Jacks, 30 Mountain Climbers, 20 Squats, 10 push-ups) X 3 TIMES!!!

The Overly Winner at the end of the 4 Weeks wins the coveted MOM for November and gets themselves a new pair of York Sneakers!


The Nullifier

A 5th challenge added every month to eliminate gender/strength/height/power/eyesight/etc. advantages/disadvantages in every MOM Challenge.

The Nullifier for November: