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Boxing Workout of the Day - Workout 09: AMRAP Workout Challenge

This was so much ‘fun’ to do in class, I decided it should be a challenge of its own 😉 Complete this challenge anytime over the Holidays and earn yourself some cake! Holiday Workout Challenge: (4 x 5 minute rounds (AMRAP) (As Many Rounds As Possible)) Round 1: Upper Body: 5 Push-ups 5 Down-up Planks 5 Burpees 5 Jumping Jacks 5 Tricep Dips (Do them on an aerobic stepper or step of your stairs) 1 min rest Round 2: Lower Body: 5 Squats 5 Lunges (each side) 5 Bear Crawl Kicks (each side) Plank jacks to Mtn. climbers (as in 5 plank jacks followed by 5 mtn. climbers.) 1 min rest Repeat Round 1: 1 min rest Repeat Round 2: Challenge complete!

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