What do I need for my 1st at-home boxing workout? Do I need equipment?

The short answer no! You can do most of our workouts with no equipment although we do recommend you get yourself some light handweights (1,2,3lbs). These are great for our shadow boxing drills. A fitness/yoga mat is also handy cuz we love our crunches!

In some of our workouts we jump-rope but you can always improvise with jogging on the spot and high-knees at intervals. Coach Johhny is used to working with members who have varying space in homes, apartment and limited equipment. So just relax and enjoy what he throws at you!

Remember, it's your workout so you just push as hard as you can! He'll be pushing you too!

A medicine ball (light) and jump rope all sometimes helpful but are not required.

So just clear a space in your home/apt where you can move about safely and let's get it on!

How do I sign-up for a Live class?

Download the Back Bay Boxing App - BBBxGO to sign-up for our Live online class or 'Book' on the website. Classes are currently hosted on Zoom.Sometimes on YouTube. The Zoom link for each class will be sent via your "Booking Confirmation" email.

If you have any question on signing up just ask! We're always here for you!

What is the best way to contact Back Bay Boxing?

Fill out our submission contact page. We will respond asap.

What is Back Bay Boxing All Access?

Back Bay Boxing All Access - BBBxGO and BBBxOD (On Demand) gives Back Bay Boxing's members everything Back Bay Boxing has to offer! We host three real-time, live-streamed classes per week (EST) ( BBBxGO) and all these classes are recorded and posted to our On-Demand site ( BBBxOD) for our members to take and enjoy, whenever, wherever they can so if you are on a time-line that does not allow you to join our Live classes you're not missing out! The All-Access membership also gives you access to the various fitness challenges Coach Johnny posts thoughout the year.

Is there a membership for On-Demand only?

Yes. We now have an On-Demand ONLY membership. It's a great place for beginners and we call it the "Back Bay Boxing Rookie" membership. You get a whole 'Intro to Boxing' series where we run though all the basics of boxing. Proper stance, correct punching technique, slipping, weaving...correctly! We've also added in hours of "Fighter Conditioning" workouts and "Shadow Boxing". Once you've tried it...you'll be hooked! ;)

I felt lost in class. How can I improve?

Hit up the BBBxOD (Back Bay Boxing On-Demand) and check out the technique and shadow boxing videos. These are great for newbies to get comfortable with form.

What is shadow boxing?

What is shadow boxing??? (Coach Johhny decided to asnwer this one himself!) It's one of the most essential parts of a boxers training. The great thing about shadow boxing is you can do it anywhere! Think of it as a video game, you throw your punches, you move. You throw more punches, you more. You imagine your opponent (that can be anyone from your annoying boss to...me I guess...I'll probably annoy you at times) is throwing punches so you slip, you weave, then you counter. I'll teach you it all! Shadow boxing is a core part of all my classes. It's especially become the most fun and greatest part of my online boxing classes. Any boxing coach or trainer that doesn't know how to coach shadow boxing isn't worth your money! You'll find out why it's so fun soon!

Can I get Back Bay Boxing's Workouts on my TV?

Yes. It's with a HDMI cable you should be able to connect your laptop to your TV. Just make sure you get the correct cable. There are many different cables available but you will most like be looking for a USB-to-HDMI cable. You "may" sometimes need a USB-to-HDMI adapter and then a HDMI-HDMI cable but it will all depend on your hardware. You can also check out some Back Bay Boxing Workouts on YouTube on your Smart TV. Just search for the Back Bay Boxing YouTube Channel on your TV.

Will people see me working out? Do I need to put my camera on?

No and No. Life is all about choices and we want you to be as comforable as possible while working out. In some classes, Coach Johhny might tell the class to turn on their cameras ' if they choose' but you certainly are NOT required to have a camera on ever. 99.9% of the workouts are mics off, cameras off. Then it's time to get to work! (We do allow for cameras to be on for college or groups events when requested, for group photos in such events etc.) Just ask via the chat feature in the class and Coach Johhny will take it from there :)

What makes Back Bay Boxing better than the competion?

We'll let Coach Johnny answer this one too... As a physical gym we were always pushing to be the best and I've taken that and honed it be the best online boxing workout you can find. You'll have a lot of franchaises say they are the best, but all you get when you franchaise is a dilution of your product, diluted to the point where you end up with nothing more than a generic class type, rolled out but fitness trainers. What we have here at Back Bay Boxing IS a BOXING WORKOUT. Sure we've had to removed some elements to make it accessible to all, we can't all afford expensive punch trackers, we can't all put up a heavy bag in our apartment, we can't all jump-rope in high-rise buildings...but what we can do it we can work our asses off in the body-weight exercise world. We do push-ups, tricep dips, crunches, squats, mountain climbers, plank jack, jumping jacks and more. Think about it...all of the above you can do anywhere. Have you ever seen those prison cell workout videos? Imagine how you can use your space creatively! Once we're killed the cardio and strength portions of class we shadow box, we simulate the fight, get the basics right, refine the skills, prefect the technique and then we drill it, we drill it and drill it some more. Of course you never have to fight...but if you ever chose to compete, you'd want my classes as a foundation. I've watched and been to the franchaised boxing experience...what a waste of $$$! You need to learn to move and punch first...the heavy bags come later! Come see what you've been missing! I'll give you more in one class than you'll get from the rest in one year!