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  • What makes Back Bay Boxing different?
    We focus on boxing technique. Our workouts incorporate partnered mitts work and or coaches teach you to punch correctly, move correctly and box correctly. We are NOT a heavy bag facilities. In fact most of our members that have come from heavy bag facilities have come to us because of the lack of tuition they've received at such facilities. No matter what your level or what pieces of your boxing game need fixing, we can fix them!
  • Can I try Back Bay Boxing with no experience?
    Yes. We always love newbies to the sport of boxing. We coach everyone based on their level.
  • What do I need for my trial?
    Handwraps are required for your 1st class and are available for purchase at the gym. Gloves and mitts will be provided for your trial class. Sneakers must be worn in class.
  • What should I expect in my first class?
    Jump-rope, learning to punch, slip and weave and lots of sweating. We train you like a real boxer. We are not a heavy bag gym, we are an instructional boxing gym that coaches our members to be the best boxers they can be. We are tuition heavy! If you're technique is wrong, we aim to fix it!
  • Do I need to commit for a year?
    No, we don't do contracts. Our members are month-to-month. They are on 'monthly autopay' but you can cancel your membership anytime.
  • What is the best way to contact Back Bay Boxing?
    Fill out the contact form. We will respond asap. We are a small business and not always available to answer the phone so email and the contact form are always the best way to contact us.
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