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Exciting updates at Back Bay Boxing

So exciting news about some updates to Back Bay Boxing's On-Demand site...if you don't get excited easily this will just be deemed 'news'.

Addition of WOD category: Ok, firstly to answer the questions... What's a WOD? A WOD is a stupid crossfit term for "Workout of the Day".

YES!!!! It should be WOTD but 'Word Of The Day" must have been already taken so WOD it is. Next question: What's crossfit? Crossfit is...hmmm how can I say this nicely...Crossfit is this fitness thing, loved by people who like to pick things up and put them down repetitively, at high speeds. The faster you go, the cooler you get until ultimately you go to hospital for a shoulder surgery but at least they get to proclaim yourself 'The Fittest in the World'. I guess the decathlon in the Olympics counts for nothing anymore! Anyway, I digress... So I'm adding a WOD category to our Back Bay Boxing On-Demand site. This is intended and ideal for when class is canceled, when class is in a time-zone or at a time that doesn't work for you, when you miss class and to circumvent all the excuses you can think of for not working out on a particular day. I have over 100+ workout videos on Back Bay Boxing On-Demand and growing so the WOD may be a NEW workout or an old favorite :) Check it out! It's already live!

Fighter Conditioning Series: Since adding the fighter conditioning series it has been hugely popular so I encourage you all to check it out. They are shorter cardio workouts, 10 - 30 minutes, perfect to give yourself a reason to shower during Covid-times. I haven't showered or shaved in weeks! Combine them with a shadow boxing workout and 'Bob's Your Uncle and Fanny's your Aunt' you're a badass! (I'm adding the wiki link there because someone is definitely gonna say I made that up and blame me for something else I didn't do! Wait for it....Ah, can I unsubscribe please? You're NOT subscribed!

My New Blog (The Coaches Book): I've no interest in becoming a blogger. Blogging...the word has always invoked images of a back-up toilet...which if you're ever read a blog it's a pretty accurate image! But I just have so much wisdom to bestow unto the world I feel it's vital! (Actually, it's just gonna be used for regular, irrelevant gym this I hear you say!) Don't expect daily updates. That's all! See ya in class!


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