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A free class could ruin your life!

As a business owner you always have to be agile, be nimble, be quick! Just like Jack! You often try new things, try new promos, try deals and offers. Sometimes these work out...and sometimes....they don't. Below is one of the times when they didn't.

Recently due to a setup error I made on a fitness app, my classes were FREE, for a WHOLE week. That's right! FREE! NO CHARGE! You could login, have fun and then go on your merry way...for free! No charge! No monetary transaction whatsoever! No money coming to me! Great deal! Eh?

This setup issue also occurred while in the midst of a Winter storm. Due to hazardous conditions I couldn't get to my usual location to Livestream one of my classes so I figured, "Let's give it a shot at home! What could go wrong?"

Off to work I went. Up went the green screen. "That'll be fun!" I thought! I rolled back the carpet. Brought all the lights I own into the living area and there it was. Boxing class...LIVE from my very own apt. Not a bad achievement in less than 1000 sq ft! Or was it?

The next morning my inbox was under attack!

A client of this free class was livid!

"I warmed up and was logged in as soon as the link came through, to navigate any issues with the livestream and was bumped from the class. Not because there were too many as only 16-17 were showing as in attendance. This impacted my schedule and my workout as I had to search for another workout with another service I use.

I was quite disappointed and this will be brought to my employer as a reason to not stay with -fitness app name removed- or any of the affiliates."

Oh no, how can this be happening? What a complete and utter disaster, I thought. I've ruined her FREE workout. I even ruined her warmup! How can life be so cruel?!?!

I hope this person will be able make it through her day! What if her groceries don't get delivered to her door next? What if she gets all dressed up waiting for the delivery guy and he doesn't show? Is that going to upset her more? What if she gets booted from a Zoom call at work? Will her employer be ok? Is he going to get a nasty email. My day was starting to look grim now too! I read on...

"By the way, I searched for quite a while before finding your class and had others waiting to see how I liked it, as they would have joined as well. I went to your website to read up on you and your gym, check on costs, etc. I do not pay for a class until I can try it out to see if it something I wish to stay with. Being booted from your class last night has proven that this has all been a complete waste of my time. Now the real money from me will definitely not be coming as you all lost my business when you booted me." she continued.

FUCK ME! I think I've ruined her life. I've think actually ruined her life.

Oh but she wasn't finished with me yet!

"Also…since I did not get to try your class, I was unable to share if it met or exceeded my expectations. Check out my employer…9000 employees worldwide as I write this email, many who would pay to take “live” classes. “Big mistake. Big, Huge.”

This person actually thought I was sitting around before class just waiting to just pick a random name to 'boot' them out of class.

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'R'! Sweet, let's ruin their night!

So, ask yourself the question...are you feeling lucky punk? Oh and are free classes really worth it?


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