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Well, hey there partner!

Summer is COMING!!!

Yeah! Summer!

That's right! Only a few weeks left until the start of summer and beach time!

Just picture it're laying on the beach, soaking up the sun, slurping back another pina colada, eating cheetos in your bikini, mankini, or speedos.

You're cool! Totally got this! You were in class at Back Bay Boxing all winter!

No worries here! Life if sweet!

Ready for anything!


(oh no, he's going to be mean now)

You're laying on the beach, slurping back yet another pina colada, sunglasses hanging off your face, eating cheetos and ranch dip. You're still rockin' your old bikini, mankini, or speedos because...well, no one is vacationing these days. You didn't get to the beach in 2020 and didn't want to invest in a new one! What's the point?

You didn't even try it on, give it an olde test run before coming to the beach and EVERYTHING is hanging out!

You're still ok though. You have a matching mask.

'No one will know me! I'll be wearing a mask!'

Not when you're eating and drinking your not!

You haven't been to Back Bay Boxing in weeks because, like your excuses as much as you like your cheetos and then it happens!

Your thirst trap walks up, tips their sunglasses and says

'Well hey there partner! Fancy seeing you here?'

They've also been going to Back Bay Boxing all winter!

I know! I know! Scary stuff! But fear not! It's still only February!

Better get to class FAST!

Disclaimer: The scenarios depicted above are not based on real characters. Back Bay Boxing has yet to meet a member who uses the phrase 'Well hey there partner'...but it could happen!

Always be prepared!


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